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Mike Reeves-McMillan

Mike Reeves-McMillan

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How to Be Amazing is where ordinary people train to be heroes in their daily lives. It’s inspirational and motivational, but also educational - I teach you the Missing Curriculum, the things you never learned at school.

Things like how to be happy, how to be healthy, and how to succeed – where “success” means connecting positively to the people around you and achieving something in your life that’s meaningful to you.

(If the most meaningful thing to you is making a big steaming pile of money, then a) that’s sad, b) there are plenty of websites that will teach you about that, and c) this isn’t one of them.)

The big ideas

How to Be Amazing is about practice, not theory. And I hate jargon with a passion.

But there are a few basic ideas that everything else on the site is founded on, and rather than leave you to figure them out, I’m laying them out here.

Being a Hero

Being amazing is about being a hero. And being a hero is about wholeheartedness and clearsightedness and courage and hard work and perseverance and the ability to connect to other people (because connection is power). That’s how to be a hero.

Health is Personal Development

Looking after, and taking charge of, your own health isn’t just a smart investment for the future. It gives you more energy and freedom now. Plus, you feel great, and it’s a foundation to build more amazingness on. Health is personal development.

Challenge is Growth

You can wait for challenges, or you can go out and get your own. If you get your own, you’ll not only be amazing, you’ll also be better placed for challenges that happen along in the future. So seize challenges.

Work on the Work

When you think about being amazing, you naturally think about the product, the end goal. But the secret of achieving that goal is in how you pay attention to the process, or, as I like to say, work on the work.

The How to Be Amazing blog is about applying these ideas in your life and becoming the most amazing person you can be: alive, awake and aware.

How to be Happy

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16 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Hi Mike,

    You have presented very bold and meaningful objectives for your site here. These are really noble things for you to strive for and I admire you for that. We are in the business of helping people to become better people. But you do so focusing on very unique aspects. I should be having great reads exploring your site. First, I would like to check on your missing curriculum, which I have written something similar recently as well.


    • Thanks, Jimmy, I think the Missing Curriculum is an idea whose time has come. I suppose at any given time in history you could argue that health, education, economics and government are all broken, but definitely at this time they seem to be.

  2. There are so many misconceptions about stammering that it is sad to to read your blog on Steve Aithison’s site. You have done nothing to help. So if you write about stammering in future, please get your facts right.

    I’d be very happy to talk to you at any time – my number is (UK) 00 44 20 8274 0047 or Skype leys.geddes. For background information you should visit And for a rather more informed view on The King’s Speech, please go to

    Incidentally, this Saturday, October 22nd, is International Stammering Awareness Day.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • As I said over on Steven’s site, Leys, my apologies to anyone I’ve offended unintentionally by a poor choice of metaphor.

      That was also pretty bad timing on my part, wasn’t it?

  3. re health and self development.
    Diet and health is such an important foundation to self dev.
    So many folk suffer mood swings and low energy and lack of impetus because of bad diets and often they are hypoglycaemic because of sugar overload. Help in breaking this cycle by introducing better habits such as more fruit to help their sugar craving may well be the first and most important step for them. They may also need to complement this with counselling if they are comfort eating. Whilst we can choose our attitude and mood, it is a lot more challenging if such as diet is effecting our hormonal balance.

    • Very well said. I know that as I improved my diet and exercise, I also got more energy and was able to make a lot of other improvements.

  4. Hi, thanks for everyone
    I find it hard to excersice and to stick on my diet cause if my stress I have too much worry
    Any idea

  5. I just wanted to say Thank you for sharing your course “Seven Steps to an Effective Personal Change Plan”. I really need to make some major changes in my life and I feel your plan will help me achieve this. I’m about to start Lesson 1. I’ll keep you posted on my process. Thanks so much.

    God Bless.


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